1st Rate Companion

1st Rate Companion by Dave Boutette
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Dave Boutette’s 1st Rate Companion is proof that life can turn out the way we want (mostly). We may have to put in long hours. We may have to go through dark times. We may have to fend off those who would have us remain with them down in the muck, but in the end, we can get what we’re after. Paramount in this pursuit is the willingness to reach out to one another.

1st Rate Companion is about just that, in a variety of forms the songs reflect on the notion of active, willful connection and it’s results. Nestled into tracks that drift from acoustic ballads, to snappy Swing numbers, to a faux Irish saloon song, is a rough schematic that can help take someone from one place in their life to another. Whether we’re facing loneliness, an uncertain future, or an iffy night on the town, the willingness to reach out can make all the difference.

And Dave’s characters reach out. Friends, lovers, God, stars, strangers, and tiny dogs all find themselves within arms length in this collection of lyric-driven songs.

1st Rate Companion features many talented and willing Michigan artists including Joshua Davis, Peter Madcat Ruth, Shari Kane, Nick and Jennie from Lac La Belle, The Royal Garden Trio, The Flying Latini Brothers, and Laith al-Saadi.