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Dave Boutette fuses a sort of classic folk feel ala Woody Guthrie or early Dylan with kisses of modern alt folk edginess and a touch of crooner blues. The result is unique and refreshing, with music that lets you pay attention to the wonderful stories while experiencing them in subtly non-traditional singer/songwriter fashions. You can also think of Tom Waits without the gruff voice. Music that is catchy, honest and enjoyable as well as being skillfully crafted.” 

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Whether banging out a set of saloon songs at a Michigan watering hole, or settling back for an evening of singing at a fire ring afterward, Dave Boutette will hold listeners as long as they keep the lights on or until the rain starts.  Stories, advice, observations, or raffles are as apt to appear during a performance as are his songs. Blending many schools of American roots and popular music including folk, blues, swing, and old time country, his songs testify to the power of true love, rebirth, snow plows, and migrating fish. 




“Give me a place where my love can dance
Like a barefoot kid in a park
With a pixie stick and a polka band
Till wa-ay after dark”

From “A Place for My Love


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