What could be more fun than having Dave Boutette come to your house and perform for you and your friends? ┬áHardly nothing. They’re called house concerts and they’ve become an increasingly popular form of home entertainment in the last few years.

This is how it works:

1) Pick a date with the performer (Dave, in this case to make it easy).

2) Find a spot in your home big enough for you, Dave, and a bunch of your friends.

3) Call your friends and tell them how much fun it’ll be.

4) On the day of the show have that one special friend of yours that likes to be in charge of things sit by the door and collect a cover charge to take care of expenses like soda, chips, and Dave’s fee.

5) Dave will put on a show that will amaze your friends and in turn make you look even cooler for having something like this at your home.

6) Finally, at the end of the night, bask in the afterglow.

See the “Contacts” page to get in touch with Dave and get this ball rolling!